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Your source for dental implant bars and abutments made in titanium or zirconia.

We’re happy you’ve found our web site.  We will do everything we can to earn your trust and your business.  Or goal, as a company, is to enable our dental implant dentists and implant dental laboratory customers to achieve the highest standard of implant dentistry.

Information for Dentists and Laboratories:

Whether you're a novice or a recognized sage of the implant dentistry community, we can help you get the job done fast and economically.  We will help you manage your dental implant bar or dental implant abutment case from the planning stages to the final insertion.  We will put you in touch with experienced implant dentists or dental implant lab in your area that will process the dental implant case according to the highest standards.  We will work with you and your dentist/laboratory with the design of your dental implant case and design our dental implant bar to meet the functional and cosmetic needs of your patient.

We strive to keep abreast of the rapidly advancing dental implant technologies and techniques of  dental implant dentistry, and we will make what we learn available to you and your dental implant dentist or dental implant laboratory.

To get started, please feel free to browse our website.  If you would like to discuss an implant bar or implant abutment case or their pricing please email at or phone us toll free at (888) 627-5965.

We look forward to doing business with you and establishing a lifelong relationship.
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